1 04 2009

I think Twitter is uber creepy. Twitter’s policy is to ensure everyone knows what you’re doing at any given time.

My viewpoint is of conspiracy. Why do my friends want to know when I’m eating, or going to the bathroom, or going to bed, or brushing my teeth. No one really cares.

Twitter is a step away from friendship. Friends no longer have to ask how you are or what’s new. Instead they can log onto their account and see you’re having soup for dinner.

Some social psychologist is definitely behind this ploy.




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1 04 2009

I definitely agree. Twitter creeps me out and makes me feel weird. I get all of these people I don’t even know following me on Twitter and I just wonder how on earth they found me. And even though there are a few people on Twitter that I know that are following me, I feel like I’m spamming them if I post updates – especially because I am limited to those 140 characters..

What I like about Facebook is that while it has the “update” feature the same way that Twitter does, I like that it also has so many other aspects – like the ability to post on someone’s wall or send them a private message where there aren’t the constraints of getting your message across to them in 140 characters and also having everyone else on your Twitter get that same message.

I guess my real problem with it is that there’s no the same privacy. Once you have someone following you on Twitter, they can see everything you post, whether it’s directed at them or not. On Facebook, that function is limited because you can’t always see conversations so easily. I think I’ll always be a Facebook junkie at heart. I have had an account with Facebook since the very start, so I am a bit biased.

1 04 2009

Definitely, especially since so many people have become so concerned with privacy in the twenty first century. Nobody wants to be on camera, or have ‘big brother’ watching them.
Yet we open the doors to social networking sites like Twitter. We’re all a bunch of hypocrites if you ask me!
They even have that new google thing that can track a cellphone user – wtf!

5 04 2009

Remember that Batman movie from the 90’s where Jim Carrey plays the Riddler and proposes placing an interactive box in the home of every American to enhance their t.v. viewing/entertainment experience? His plan will capture the thought process of anyone plugged in, and send these signals back to a main database where they can be stored and used against these same people during his attempt for world domination!

Twitter is beginning to resemble that futuristic device, as millions constantly update the world with their thoughts, intentions, hopes, fears, even suicide threats (see Demi Moore twitter).

The thought of being plugged into a network where this information is shared freely is indeed unsettling, but the above posts indicate a more pressing issue. The basis of ‘twitter fear’ is that the logical, forward-thinking person secretly knows they too will be sucked into this technology if it becomes popular enough. As with Facebook, many current users resisted it at first. Think back to how guarded you were with information when logging in initially. There’s a good chance your info box included maybe one or two of your favourite movies, shows, bands, etc. Updating your status was almost unfathomable, and posting your plans seemed strange and impersonal.

As time moves forward, so too does what we as a free society accept/reject. Ten years from now, questioning whether Twitter was our greatest invasion of privacy will be comical, as you walk down Queen St. and your new blackberry preference ring updates you with ‘store specials in the next 20 steps’, store employees rush out to greet you by name, and your impending purchase is 5% less if you agree to endorse the product by touching a button which sends a personalized advertising piece about your recent purchase to friends and family in mere seconds.

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